CM-Cabinets Library User Guide
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    Commercial RDL Reports
    In This Topic

    The report layout for Commercial reports are setup using the ReportsCommercial page in the Catalog/Drawing Properties.

    Commercial Reports are those used for quoting, pricing and ordering. Usually involving monetary items.

    The latest version of CabMaster uses RDL (Report Definition Language) for defining and running reports from File > Reports menu.

    Commercial Report Options


    Tax Name (RptTaxName) - Enter the Tax Name, example "GST" or "VAT"

    Tax Percentage (RptTaxPercentage) - Enter the fraction of the total cost that is added as tax, for example 10%.

    Terms and Conditions

    CabMaster allows you to customise the text that is placed inside of a quotation (proposal) or contract.

    Click on the Edit button to open a text box which allows you to type in terms of your quote/contract. Special characters can be used to format text.

    Example of formatting

    This is the bottom part of the Quote.rdl report showing the use of special characters to format text.


    RDL Property Names Summary

    (Property names shown in italics)