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    CabMaster Library Versioning

    When AllMasterSoftware products are first started, the splash screen (and File > About) contains general information describing the current application, including the Version number, as per the following example.

    The format of the version number is WW.XXX.Y.ZZ and the following discusses what each set of digits represent.


    The first two digits represent the application series of the application.

    Using the example above (i.e., the application number is 12.


    The second set of digits contain the subversion of the application and the library version.

    For the application version, the first build of the library would be


    The third single digit represents the release version...

    0 = Alpha Build

    1 = Beta Build

    2 = Releases


    The final 2 digits are the version of the release, this increments with each build of the library until a new version.


    For the application and the first beta release revision one of the library...

    For the application and the fifth full release revision three of the library...