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    Pricing Cabinet with Fixed Price
    In This Topic

    The Fixed Price method is accomplished in the Library Catalog Manager. This allows you to apply a Fixed Cost to each cabinet and add an optional Linear price increase.

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    Library Catalog Manager is only available with CabMasterPro or higher software licence.


    Tutorial 1

    Cabinet Costing

    Library Catalog Manager

    Step 1 : Open the Catalog Properties from within the Library Catalog Manager.

    How to access Catalog Properties in LCM

    Open the LCM by clicking on command button on the View tab.


    Price Cabinets with Fixed Cost

    Step 2 : Now we will select a Floor Standard in the Library Catalog Manager and set Fixed Cost.

    Library Catalog Manager  -  Click to Expand

    Library Catalog Manager  -  Click to Expand



    Save Changes and Exit LCM

    Step 3 : When all changes have been completed, you need to save the Catalog.

    Remember that changes to the Catalog only affect future drawings, so you may need to close current drawing and open a new drawing.

    Pricing/Markups page

    Ensure you have the Fixed Price ticked and any other required Categories.

    To designate the Sell price you need to set the Level Markup percentages.

    Pricing > Pricing/Markups page  -  Click to Expand

    Pricing > Pricing/Markups page  -  Click to Expand


    Test in List View

    In List View we can view the Cost and calculated Sell prices of our cabinet.


    To calculate Sell price set Markup Percentages per category on the Pricing > Pricing/Markups page.


    Tutorial 2

    Linear Price Increase

    This allows for the possibility that the cabinet may have its length altered once it is placed on a drawing. The Fixed Price can be set for the first Xmm then an additional amount can be added for every additional Ymm (or part thereof).

    As the width of the cabinet is amended then the Sell price will adjust accordingly, but not the cost.

    In this example, if the cabinet's Width is greater than 950mm, then for each extra that is between 1mm and 100mm, another $10 will be applied.

    If Width length is between:-

    Pricing > Fixed Price with additional cost based on width

    Pricing > Fixed Price with additional cost based on width

    Test the above pricing in List View in a drawing. The Sell Price changes based on the Width i.e. :-


    Tutorial 3

    Fixed Cabinet Pricing with Alternatives

    Of course fixed cabinet pricing can be very difficult if you are purchasing from external suppliers. Many businesses use a combination of fixed price with component pricing. For example, you may choose to establish a fixed price for the cabinet carcass and then component pricing for hardware and doors

    To achieve this multiple categories can be nominated to accommodate a variety of pricing methods on the Pricing > Pricing/Markups page. For example, you may want to use a Fixed Price for your cabinets so that it calculates the carcass price and then add in the material costs for doors, benchtops, and kickers but not capping, hardware etc. as shown.


    Using the same Floor Standard cabinet from Tutorial 1, the following shows how enabling pricing for doors, benchtops and kickboards have impacted the Cost Price i.e. $350 + additional $215.28 = $565.28

    List View  -  Click to view breakdown of cost and sell prices

    List View  -  Click to view breakdown of cost and sell prices

    It is important to ensure the required Categories are enabled for the required pricing method, otherwise NO pricing with be calculated.

    Markup Percentages have not been applied to Doors & Drawers, Benchtops or Kickboards in the above example but in normal practice these would be set on the Pricing > Pricing/Markups page and added to the Sell Price. 


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