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    Introduction to Properties
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    What is a Property Sheet?

    A property is a user-defined variable (or default) that every cabinet in the library can access and the end user can modify by using Friendly pages.

    Each drawing/job will start off with its own set of properties called Drawing Properties  which will be an exact copy of the default values set in the Catalog Properties until modified. These can be overridden at cabinet level, using the Cabinet Properties.

    Typically you will start with a library loaded and the new drawing will be based on a selected library, for example CM-Cabinets.

    A property sheet is divided into Categories (or groups) under which are related Pages, for example My Setup > My Company page. 

    The property options are accessed by clicking first the Category heading (e.g. My Setup) and then clicking on the relevant page heading (e.g. My Company).


    Property Sheet Command Buttons

    Catalog and Drawing Properties

    CabMaster deals with cabinet settings at three levels i.e. (1) the Catalog Properties which can be overridden by (2) the Drawing Properties without changing the Catalog defaults. Both can be overridden by (3) the Cabinet Properties. For discussion of each available default option follow this link

    How do I access Property Sheets?

    In your CabMaster software the Catalog Properties can be accessed either by using:-


    Click to view the LCM and associated library CM-Cabinets 

    Click to view the LCM and associated library CM-Cabinets 

    Library Catalog Manager

    The LCM is available only to CabMasterPro or higher level licenses.  To access:-

    1. first select the associated library, for example CM-Cabinets, on the Home tab
    2. and then opening using LCM command button on View tab.


    In your CabMaster software the Drawing Properties can be accessed by using...

    Click to Expand

    Click to Expand

    Drawing Properties are also made available when starting/opening a drawing/job.


    How do I Save Properties?

    The Catalog and Drawing properties all have similar Categories > Pages and their property sheets have command buttons.


    Cabinet Properties

    Access and Saving Properties

    See topic Cabinet Properties for details on how to access.

    Property sheets for cabinets or drawing objects are similar in that they are arranged in Categories > Pages but do not have OK or Cancel buttons.

    On these property sheets, CabMasterPro will immediately apply any changes you make to the selected cabinet/object, and the only way to close them is to use the Close button.


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