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    Shadow Rail Include
    In This Topic

    The Shadow RailsInclude page of the Catalog/Drawing Properties provides the ability apply shadow rails to all cabinets in the drawing and define when used for doors and drawers.



    Include Shadow Rails

    Doors can include Shadow Rails to Floor and Tall cabinets.

    Drawers can only include Shadow Rails to Floor and Tall cabinets. If a Floor cabinet, then you have the option to include rail to Top Drawer Only.

    When the shadow rail is turned ON for the particular cabinet type then the gap at the top of the door is automatically overridden on the Labour & Construction > Construction page of the Cabinet.

    Remove Physical Rails

    Remove the physical shadow rail but leave its cut outs. Can be applied to the Top rail and Between rails by ticking the applicable checkboxes.



    The cutouts are notched into the ends, mullions and divisions.

    The cutouts can also be turned on/off depending on whether there are multiple doors in the cabinet (i.e. in a tall cabinet with a lower and upper door).

    As well as setting for the Floor, Wall and Tall, there is also the ability to separately control the Bench cabinets.

    Cutouts are applied above all drawer fronts and floor doors, above any lower doors and below any upper doors.


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