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    6th Face Machining
    In This Topic

    6th Face refers to the face opposite the main machined face of a part.

    For example, in a Door the main face (1st face) may be the front of the door with  a routed design. The 6th face being the back of the door, where the hinges are mounted. The reason it is the 6th face is that the four edges of the door are faces 2 to 5. So when processed on a flatbed, the part has to be turned over to machine both its 1st and 6th faces.

    6th Face Machining

    The Mach.General6th Face Machining page allows you to enable 6th face machining.


    6th Face Machining6th Face Machining6th Face Machining

    Divisions and Universal Parts

    Turn on the Combine opposite Faces option checkbox to enable 6th face machining on divisions and universal parts.

    If you are not getting any 6th face output ensure you have Drill Through Parts unticked.


    Doors & Drawer Fronts

    Turn on Output Back Face When Machining Profiles option checkbox when machining profile doors and drawer fronts which will allow you to output both faces to machining.


    Custom Tables

    When machining both faces of doors, you can specify which side of the door to apply custom machining tables to.

    Select one of the options using the radio buttons i.e.