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    Auto Label Settings
    In This Topic

    Labels can be placed on individual cabinet parts. This is only applicable if the machine has an automatic labelling function.

    Settings Page

    The Mach. Auto LabelSettings page of the Catalog/Drawing Properties is where you can set the size and position of labels that you require to be attached to individual cabinet parts.

    Turn on Show Label Positions to allow you to customise Label Size and Position and have them visible when viewing a part's machining.

    Label Size

    Set the Width and Height of labels.


    Select a label position from the drop list, which relate to the picture. In the above example, the label is set to be place in Position 4 which is shown to be the top right corner of the part.

    This can be overridden at Cabinet level either on the:-

    Refer to Cabinet Information > Machining page


    You can enter an X and Y position to offset the label from the chosen position.


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