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    Drawer Runner Table Edit Gaps
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    As with every part of the construction setup, you have full control over the drawer runners and the construction of the drawer box.

    The CM-Cabinets library uses external lookup tables to store the choice, detail and machining data for drawer runners. This allows each site to be set up according to local requirements.

    There is a level of complexity involved and it is therefore not uncommon that assistance is required from a CabMaster consultant to make necessary changes.

    See documentation listed under See Also section below.

    Gap Width in Runner Table

    The following discusses how to change the Runner gaps to drawer cabinets by editing the relevant table.

    In this example drawer runners used for manufacture are 1mm wider than Blum. So we want to reflect this in the appropriate Drawer Runner Table.

    1. In the Drawing/Catalog properties select the applicable page i.e. Pricing > Material/Hardware page of the Drawing Properties
    2. Select the Standard Runner Group table which in this example is a Blum 230ME Single 25Kg.
    3. Click on the Edit Table button as shown. This will display a table which should look something like the following.
    4. To add 1mm, change the 'Gap' from 12.5 mm to 13.5mm (or as required).
    5. Close Table Editor
      • If your changes are correct, save your changes by responding with 'Yes' to message.
    Note that the 1st column 'Length' measurements are drawer depths.


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