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    Pricing Linear per Cabinet Type
    In This Topic

    The Pricing > Pricing/Markups page of the Catalog/Drawing Properties is used for Linear Pricing of cabinet groups.

    Pricing/Markups page

    Ensure you have the Linear ticked. To designate the Sell price you need to set the Level Markup percentages.

    If CabMaster is using imperial measurements then the Linear Rates are per foot otherwise per metre.

    Note on Length Units

    Units of measurement, used throughout the program for component sizes, dimension lines, etc., can be set in your Cabmaster software from the File menu and clicking on the Options button [Shortcut: F10]

    File > Options [F10] Units of measurement

    File > Options [F10] Units of measurement



    In this tutorial, we will create a job/drawing with cabinets, one for each cabinet group with a width of 1 metre.


    Linear Rates at Cost

    The following will apply Linear Rates, as shown in the image above, to each of the cabinet groups and see how cost is calculated/displayed.

    Step 1

    On the Pricing > Pricing/Markups page...


    Step 2

    In Plan View or List View place/select one of each type of cabinet.

    Change the Width of each to 1000mm i.e. one linear metre, as shown.



    Step 3

    The following image shows the above cabinets in List View.

    To calculate Sell price set Markup Percentages per category on the Pricing > Pricing/Markups page.


    Linear Metre Pricing with Alternatives

    The linear metre rate may, or may not, include costs for the kickboards, doors, or benchtops etc. Therefore, linear metre pricing can be used in conjunction with other alternatives.

    For example the linear price may represent the carcass material and then you price hardware, doors, and the benchtop separately.

    To achieve this you would need to nominate on the Pricing/Markups page:-

    1. that you are using Linear Metre rates
    2. and any other Categories i.e. Hardware, Doors, and Benchtops, etc which are based on the price of materials.

    If you want your drawing to always use the current pricing for the materials then use the Look Up Current Pricing checked on the Pricing > Settings page as shown...

    Pricing > Settings page  -  Click to Expand

    Pricing > Settings page  -  Click to Expand


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