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    QR Code Data in the LabelXMLExtras File
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    What is LabelXMLExtras?

    The LabelXMLExtras.txt file is a definition of what additional information needs to added to the drawing's DXT file that is created when machining is exported (F8). 

    It is located in the CabMaster Library folder.

    Format of LabelXMLExtras.txt

    LabelXMLExtras is a <TAB> delimited text file with each row having 3 columns.



    In addition to the 3 column TAB delimited rows, 'comment' rows can be added that start with "//" these rows are ignored by the exporter.


    Exporting QR Code Data Using LabelXMLExtras

    To export a QR code data for each part along with its image and accompanying logo files, add the following rows to the LabelXMLExtras.txt file:

    (note that the columns are TAB separated e.g. MyQRText<TAB>Text<TAB>QRTextOut):

    MyQRText Text QRTextOut
    MyQRCode QRCode QRCodeData
    MyQRImage1 Image QRLogo1
    MyQRImage2 Image QRLogo2
    The above names MyQRText, MyQRCode, MyQRImage1 and MyQRImage2 can be altered, but not the Types or Formulas.

    Example of LabelXMLExtras.txt

    Example LabelXMLExtras.txt File

    Example LabelXMLExtras.txt File


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