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    Shadow Rail
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    At Cabinet level, the Labour & Construction > Shadow page allows the shadow rail cutouts to be individually controlled, allowing the selection of which ends, divisions and mullions are notched out.

    Ability to add Shadow Line Rails to Floor cabinets and :-

    In this discussion we will use a Floor 2 Door but applies to drawer cabinets (click on image

    For more on Drawers, see discussions on Drawing defaults for Shadow Rail.

    Labour & Construction > Shadow page  -  Click to view Drawer cabinet options

    Labour & Construction > Shadow page  -  Click to view Drawer cabinet options


    Allow for Rail

    Ticking this checkbox makes available the options in the Shadow Line Rail groupbox.


    Height of the shadow rail above the top drawer.

    Set Back

    Option of having the shadow rail positioned at a specific distance behind the drawer front.

    Example of Set Back and Extend

    Set Back of 20mm moves the shadow rail back by that distance.

    Extend Left and Extend Right will increase the length of the rail respectively.

    Extend Left/Right

    Option of extending the length of the shadow rail on either end by a specific distance.


    Top of Door and Bottom of Door entry boxes are used to calculate how much the rail extends above and below the door.

    Example of Overlap Rail

    This example shows the top of the door is extended 25mm, thereby overlapping the rail.

    Remove Physical Rail

    Tick checkbox to remove the physical shadow rail.

    Add Fixing Rail

    Tick checkbox to add a fixing rail and use the edit box to enter a distance to place it Short of the Shadow Rail.

    Angle Door Back

    Adds machining angle to the corresponding side of the front.


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