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    Templates Explained
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    A template is simply a pre-saved drawing that can be used to base new drawings on. They are useful if you find yourself needing to:

      Watch the Video on how to create a template in CabMaster and see the tutorial in the Application Users Guide 


    Although a template is typically applied when starting a new drawing, you can apply a template at any stage and can even apply several templates to the one drawing.

    For more on this topic refer to CabMaster Help Topics which can be quickly accessed using F1 from within your software.

    • Frequently Asked Questions > General > Saving Templates
    • Tutorials > Scale Drawing
    • Tutorials > Templates

    Apply Template

    To apply a template to a drawing, from the CabMaster File menu select Prepare > Apply Templates

    The Apply Template dialog allows you to start a drawing with various items and options preset.

    You can also take an existing drawing and change it to a different template.  Templates let you predefine a company logo, default door styles and kickboard heights for example. When you first create a drawing, you will be prompted to select which template you wish to use.


    You normally create templates without a library i.e. <none>. The reason is so that when you apply the template, the drawings properties are not replaced with those from whichever library you were using at the time. A template should contain the minimum amount of properties it needs to do its job.


    This video discusses how to create a template in CabMaster. (15.28mins)