CM-Cabinets Library User Guide
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    Installing CabMaster
    In This Topic

      Watch the Video on reinstalling CabMaster on a new computer and see the document on the CabMaster Transfer Utility.


    Step by Step Instructions

    Download and Run

    Step 1

    Download the latest CabMaster install CD. 

    Click to Download the Latest Version 12 CD 


    Step 2

     Run the downloaded EXE file

    Right click the Exe and select Run As Administrator

    Right click the Exe and select Run As Administrator


    Step 3

    Press Yes on the User Account Control popup if prompted


    Step 4

    Wait for the extraction to complete


    Cloud or Hardware Lock?

    Step 5

    Cloud Setup

    If your license looks like below or you are using a cloud licence ...


    Hardware Lock (Dongle) Setup

    If you are using a hardware lock (dongle)...


    Setup Program

    Step 6

    If you have exited all Window programs, as directed here, press Next


    Step 7 

     Read the EULA and if you agree select I agree and press Next


    Step 8

    If you want to change the directory you are installing CabMaster into, press Browse.


    Step 9

    Press Next to go to the next step.

    If you need to customise the what is installed you can uncheck boxes next to features to change if they install. It is not recommended you change these settings without Contacting support



    Step 10

    Press Next to begin the install.


    Step 11

    Wait for the install to complete.


    Step 12

    If you are running a hardware lock (dongle) you will get the following popup.

    If you are using the V10.1 install CD, you must press NO and install the hardware lock drivers manually.


    Step 13

    Wait for the following pop-ups to complete.




    Step 14

    CabMaster Software is now installed, you can run CabMaster from the shortcut on the desktop.



    Reinstall CabMaster

    This video discusses how to reinstall CabMaster on a new computer. (10:02 mins)

    If you have CabMasterPro installed on another computer previously, check the installed location and folder names and obtain a complete copy of the entire folder.


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