CM-Cabinets Library User Guide
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    Machining Rebate page
    In This Topic

    The Mach.PartsRebate page of the Catalog/Drawing Properties provides rebate settings for Backs in Ends, Tops and Bottoms. (This is sometimes required for thin Backs). 


    Different settings can be established for the different cabinet types (Floor, Wall and Tall).

    The presence of a rebate for backs is controlled by :-


    Saw Blade Direction

    Single Line Toolpath

    Enabling this check box defines the rebate cutout as a single line rather than a rectangular area, whether a saw blade is being used or not. The use of this will depend on the material thickness and available machining tools. Once defined as a single line it can then be defined as sawn line.

    Saw Tool Direction

    The direction of the saw can either be xy or Both. This will force the part to be nested with the correct orientation for the saw.

    Saw Clearance

    This is the clearance the saw will need at the end of each cut due to its size. So, if the cut goes the entire length of the part, the neighbouring part will not be nested too close.


    Flatbed Saw Blade Direction

    Some flatbed routers can be fitted with a rotary saw tool. However, this may only operate in one direction. As a result, any part that requires a cut using this tool must be oriented in the correct direction when nested.


    Drawer Bottom Rebates

    This rebate is only used when the Construction setting for Drawers is set to Other (see Mach.General > Const page) and, as with the Backs, the presence and depth of the rebates is controlled from the general construction properties.

    Tool Diameter

    If drawer bottoms are rebated, then this is done in both the sides and the front and back, using the same tool as set under the Compensation group box by default but this can be changed. The Diameter of the tool used for cutting the rebate is set as the 'Tool Diam'.