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    Shadow Rail Settings
    In This Topic

    The Shadow Rails > Settings page in the Catalog/Drawing Properties provides the simplest way of adjusting shadow rails.


    To locate information about any part of the following image, click on the area of interest.

    Shadow Rail SettingsShadow Rail SettingsShadow Rail SettingsShadow Rail Settings


    Cabinet Shadow Line Rails


    Drop list selection of Flat or OnEdge


    Height of the shadow rail above the top drawer.

    Hgt Drw

    Height of every shadow rail except the top one.

    Example of Height settings

    Set Back

    Option of having the shadow rail positioned at a specific distance behind the drawer front.

    Example of Set Back

    A setting of 20mm moves the shadow rail back by that distance.



    Shadow as Panel

    If enabled/ticked, then the material used is as set as the default on the Materials-Advanced > Panel page.

    If unticked, as shown above, the material can be manually selected using the Material drop lists.



    Overlap Rail With

    Top of Door/Top Drawer is how far the top drawer will overlap the top shadow rail.

    Top of Lower Drawers is how far the bottom drawers (all drawers apart from the top drawer) will overlap the lower shadow rails.

    Bottom of Individual Drawers is how far the bottom edge of all drawers (except the bottom drawer) will overlap the shadow rails.

    Bottom of Door/Drawer Bank is how far the bottom edge of the bottom door/drawer will overlap the Bottom of the cabinet’s carcass.

    Example of Overlap settings

    Offset Drawer Box by Bottom Overlap

    If the Offset is enabled, it offsets the box of the drawer by the bottom overlap.

    If Offset option is unticked/off, it positions the drawer without the overlap. Therefore, if the offset is large, your drawer would then collide with the rail. 

    The option basically shifts the drawers up by the bottom drawer overlap, ensuring there is clearance.


    Add Fixing Rail

    A Fixing Rail can be enabled with a set distance Short of Shadow Rail entered in the applicable edit boxes.


    Add Lip 

    A Lip can be added within the Set Back gap by enabling the option Add Shadow Rail Lip Within Set Back Gap.

    Example of Lip

    A setting of 20mm moves the shadow rail back by that distance and a lip added into this area.


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