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    Machinable Object
    In This Topic

    The Machinable Object has a dual purpose. It can :-

    The machinable object allows the selection of any item in the ‘Hardware’ table (<your CabMaster folder>\Table\hardware.qlt) which can be maintained on the Catalog/Drawing Hardware > Managers page. These can be customised to your requirements.

    The objects dimensions are held in the table <your CabMaster folder>\Table\Machining\Accessories\Accessories.qlt.

    Area Content

    In each Area of a Universal cabinet you can put different Content, in this example Machinable Object. See also CabinetCutout.

    Click to Expand

    Click to Expand


    Using the Object

    To locate information about any part of the following image, click on the area of interest.

    Machinable Object Machinable Object Machinable Object Machinable Object


    The selected accessory sets the default dimensions, model and machining for the object.

    Selection drop list

    Sizing of the object can come from the objects table or entered in the area.


    Setting of Height, Width or Depth to 0mm will tell the object to stretch to fill. Otherwise the object will be the size specified.


    The corners of the machinable object can be chamfered this allows machining to be donated from the new chamfered faces.



    This sets the anchor position of the object, this is where all offsets move the object from.

    Selection drop list


    Moves the object Left/Right/Forwards/Backwards from the anchor by setting Height, Width or Depth.

    Full size objects cannot be offset in the axis they are full size in.


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