CM-Cabinets Library User Guide
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    Catalog/Drawing Properties Overview
    In This Topic

    This section explains each of the default options available in the Catalog and Drawing Properties.

    Properties are divided into Categories (or groups) under which are related Pages. Therefore in this documentation, topics are organised in the same format i.e. My Setup > My Company page, where 'My Setup' is the Category and 'My Company' is the related Property Page.

    Before we start it is important that you understand that CabMaster deals with cabinet settings at three levels i.e. (1) the Catalog Properties which can be overridden by (2) the Drawing Properties, which in turn can be overridden by (3) the Cabinet Properties Properties.



    For detailed discussion see topics under Library Basics section > Properties.


    Important Setup Requirement

    Before you start using CabMaster, it is important that you set up the global defaults in your Catalog.

     Watch the video - Great for beginners as it provides a general overview of important requirements before you start.


    Library Catalog Manager

    Your custom range of cabinets are based on a library, for example CM-Cabinets, and are managed in the Library Catalog Manager [LCM]. Users with CabMasterPro or a higher software license can use the Catalog Properties command button in the Library Catalog Manager.

    All users can set up company details and other setup Catalog defaults from the File menu i.e. Prepare > Catalog Properties

    Any changes made to the Catalog will only come into effect upon opening a New drawing.


    Other Considerations

    Keep in mind that each drawing/job will start off with its own set of properties called Drawing Properties, which are initially an exact copy of the default values set in the Catalog. Individual jobs/drawings will need changes to the Drawing Properties to meet design, pricing and other processing requirements but without changing the Catalog defaults.

    In your CabMaster software, Catalog Property sheets are displayed with a pink background to distinguish it from Drawing Properties which display in a light grey background.

    Note that images used in this section are in light grey but apply to both the Catalog and Drawing.


    Video for Beginners

    This video is for beginners and gives a general overview on how to setup Catalog/Drawing Properties. (24:10 mins)

    Content is relevant to all Pro library users i.e. Designer 3D, Designer CL, Designer Pro, Machining Premium, Machining Extra.

    This is not the same process for the Basic Library.


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