CM-Cabinets Library User Guide
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    Dovetail page
    In This Topic

    The Mach.DovetailDovetail page of the Catalog/Drawing Properties allows the set up of Dovetail machining on Standard drawers.

    Dovetail machining is only available on standard drawers.


    Use Dovetail

    If Dovetail construction is to set as the default, tick the Use Dovetail Construction by Default check box to enable.


    Use Tool

    Three (3) dovetail tools can be defined. Use the drop list to select the required tool.


    Edit Tool button

    Pressing the button opens a Property Sheet allowing you to edit the tool as required.

    Dovetail Properties

    The diagram is to be used in conjunction with the edit boxes to specify the tool used. In this example Tool 3.

    The Oversize edit box allows for an oversize of the cutouts to allow a more comfortable fit.


    Side Tool

    Diameter (size) of the tool that will cut the dovetail shape on the drawer sides (its size may determine the width of the dovetail shapes if it is larger than the wasted part of the dovetail tool itself).

    This cut can be combined with the Border layer by enabling the Combine with Border option, but the user needs to be sure that the Border tool is small enough to create the required internal corners.

    The Oversize edit box allows for an oversize of the cutouts to allow a more comfortable fit.


    Side Pocket Tool

    Size of the pocketing tool, to allow the pocketed area to be sized correctly. 


    Extend Rebate

    Whether the Rebate taken is the full length of the Ends and/or Sides as opposed to stopping at the extent of the Bottom itself. Tooling for Rebates is defined elsewhere - see Mach.Parts > Rebate page.


    Alternative Material

    The material used if not enabled (unticked) is set on the Materials-Advanced > Drawer Standard page. Ticking the Use alternative material for drawer bottom will use the alternative drawer base material set on the same page.

    Materials-Advanced > Drawer Standard page

    Materials-Advanced > Drawer Standard page  -  Click to Expand

    Materials-Advanced > Drawer Standard page  -  Click to Expand

    The radio buttons allows the selection for materials to be based on:-

    • As Carcass - materials selected on the Carcass page.
    • As Panel - materials selected on the Panel page.
    • Other - this makes Materials drop lists available for each drawer component.

    The Alt Drawer Base checkbox can be enabled with any of the above selections to make available an alternative material for drawer bottoms, for example in Pot Drawers.