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    DoorMaster Lite Profiles
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    A range of Door Profiles have been added into CabMaster for both display and machining purposes if you have CabMaster Premium software.

    There are over 30 different route profiles and over 10 different edge profiles to start with. More profiles will be made available in future updates.

    All these profiles are available for everyone to use for 3D rendering and representation but the actual machining, sending the profile to a CNC Machine for manufacturing, is only available after purchase.

    Profile page

    Profiles can be selected and viewed/edited on the DoorMaster LT > Profile Doors page of the Drawing Properties.

    To locate information about any part of the following image, click on the area of interest.

    DoorMaster Lite ProfilesDoorMaster Lite ProfilesDoorMaster Lite ProfilesDoorMaster Lite ProfilesDoorMaster Lite ProfilesDoorMaster Lite Profiles


    Series and Style

    There are a number of Series and Styles that are available, details of which can be found on web - see DoorMaster-LT – CabMaster Software.

    Use the Series and Style drop lists to select the required profile.

    Pictures of the door profiles that you select will be shown.


    Series 1

    All Series 1 doors are flat panel doors with different edge profiles. For this reason, we have only created 1 style for a series 1 door.

    The edge profile tooling can be changed and adjusted to create different edge profiles.


    Series 2 - 5 see DoorMaster-LT – CabMaster Software for more details on these profiles.


    Shaker door styles are provided free with CabMaster products.



    Select the Version, where applicable, from the drop list.

    Some variations/versions are provided free but others may need to be purchased through your local sales dealer.


    Enable Profile and Machining

    Toggle the Profile option on/off by clicking on the green tick/red cross.

    Machining is only available after purchasing and applying a licence.


    Access Settings / Profile Properties

    Clicking anywhere on the image will open Properties dialog of the selected Profile which allows you to view, change and save new settings.


    Pictorial View of Tooling

    This is a pictorial view of tooling which will be used for machining, if applicable.

    Example shown here is for Edge Pulls. See also Pocket Offsets topic for more examples.



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