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    Hinge Quantities and Positioning
    In This Topic

    This topic discusses the Hardware > Hinge Qty page of the Catalog/Drawing Properties. It allows the default to be set for the vertical positioning and quantity of hinges.

    These settings can also be defined on the Mach.General > Hinge page along with additional machining options.

    The heights shown are all based on the position on the door (not the ends) and are to the centre of the hinge cup hole.

    2 (two) Hinges used unless Door Height >

    Two, three, four or five hinges can be placed on each door. The quantity used depends on the height of the door as specified here.

    Hinge Centre Distance 

    The distance of the upper and lower hinges are from the Top and Bottom of the door.

    Use Alt when door <

    The position of the upper and lower hinges when the door is under a given size.

    When over two hinges in Tall cabinets




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