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    In This Topic

    The shelves import allows you to add shelves to the area, these can be fixed or adjustable and can be angled with lips.

    Area Content

    In each Area of a Universal cabinet you can put different Content.

    This discussion will cover the pages and options when Shelves are selected. See also CabinetCutout.

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     Shelf Options

    To locate information about any part of the following image, click on the area of interest.


    The button named Shelves allows you to access the Local Properties of the currently viewed item, which can be amended.

    Shelf Quantity

    This allows you to set how many shelves are in the area, up to 10 are available.

    Even Heights

    This checkbox sets the shelves to be evenly spaced this means all shelves have the same space between them. If enabled, the shelf heights will be greyed out (i.e. made unavailable for editing).

    All as #1

    This checkbox makes all shelves follow the settings of 'Shelf 1'. This will set the adjustable/Fixed setting as well as any recesses and angles.


    Shelf Settings

    The following settings are able to be set per shelf unless All as #1 is enabled, in which case only 'Shelf 1' will be made available.

    Height from Shelf Below

    This sets the height of the shelf measured from the bottom of the area (shelf 1) or of the shelf below.

    If these fields are greyed out, then the Even Heights option is enabled.


    This rotates the shelf.


    Shelf's set at 45 degree angle.


    This sets the shelf to be fixed, or to be adjustable.


    How far the shelf is recessed in from the front of the area.


    Gap sets a gap between the back of the area and the shelves.


    Gap set at 100mm.

    Hole Qty

    For adjustable shelves this sets how many holes per shelf, set this to :-

    • 0 for continuous holes
    • -1 for no holes
    • or any positive number  for a specified number of holes


    Profile allows you to set the shape of the shelf.



    Shelf lips allow you to add a small rail to the front of shelves, this can be used in conjunction with the angle to make shoe shelves and so on.

    Click to view a shelf with a 45 degree angle and a lip

    Click to view a shelf with a 45 degree angle and a lip

    Front Lip Height

    Height controls how tall the Shelf lip is.


    Controls how far up the shelf the lip is placed.

     This is not available if using Flush with End of Shelf.

    Flush with End of Shelf

    Rather than placing the lip on top of the shelf, when enabled, this places it in front. 

    Example : ON

    Example : OFF

    All as #1

    When enabled this sets all lips to the same settings at lip 1.

    Add Lip

    This enables the lip for the given shelf.



    Drawing Properties defaults set on the Materials-Advanced > Carcass page can be overridden for Shelf/Rail and Edging Material.

    Area Shelves > Material - Carcass page  -  Click to Expand

    Area Shelves > Material - Carcass page  -  Click to Expand


     Material - Panel

    Drawing Properties defaults set on the Materials-Advanced > Panel page can be overridden.

    Area Shelves > Material - Panel page  -  Click to Expand

    Area Shelves > Material - Panel page  -  Click to Expand



    View machining of individual shelves.


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