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    Editing Price Tables
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    In this tutorial, we are going to discuss how to edit an existing price table, which can be used to price any material based on its' depth.

    Benchtops use a Price Table, Linear Benchtop, to designate single and double rolled prices. We will edit this table in the tutorial.

    Adding and Importing Price Tables will be discussed in a separate tutorial.


    Accessing Price Tables

    There are two (2) ways to access a price table for editing i.e. using the Edit : Price Table button or the Manage : Price Tables button.


    Edit : Price Table button

    This is located on the Manage Materials > Pricing page of the Materials Manager.

    The Materials Manager can be accessed from either the Materials-Advanced > Manager page or the Pricing > Material/Hardware page.

    If you are only editing the table, there is no need to select a material.

    Materials Manager > Pricing page  -  Click to Expand

    Materials Manager > Pricing page  -  Click to Expand


    Manage : Price Tables button

    This is located on the same Pricing page shown above but you do not need to select Folder/File.

    Pricing page of Materials Manager - Click to Expand

    Pricing page of Materials Manager - Click to Expand

    This button is also available on the Pricing > Material/Hardware page.

    Image:  Pricing > Material/Hardware page

    Allows you to access the Manage : Price Tables on this page or click on the Manage Materials button and locate the Pricing page.
    Pricing > Material/Hardware page allows you to access Price tables from Materials Manager or directly.

    Pricing > Material/Hardware page allows you to access Price tables from Materials Manager or directly.


    Edit Price Table

    Now we will discuss how to edit an existing Price Table.

    Clicking on the Manage : Price Tables button will open the Price Table Properties dialog shown here :-

    Use the drop lists to select the relevant table and click the Edit button.

    • This will open the correct table to be edited.

     A Discount can be applied - see Editing Discount Tables, discussed below.


    How to Edit Price Table

    Whatever method you use to open the Price Table, editing the table is done in the same way.

    See Library Basics > Table Editor for a full discussion on how to add rows and columns to tables.

    In this example, we will add a row to the Linear Price table used for Benchtop pricing.

    As you can see in the Linear Price table below, there is currently only a row for single edge pricing i.e. DF-101.

    So we need to add another row for double edge pricing.


    Add Row

    Add a 2nd row with the name of <preface><original row name>. Do this for each row in the price table that can be priced as a single or double edge.

    The row name <preface> is only important for Allowing Double Edge Benchtop Pricing.

    Example of Price Table used for other materials

    This table is used in the Pricing Materials Advanced tutorial where the row name is the Length.

    Duratech/Caprice Gloss table  -  Click to Expand

    Duratech/Caprice Gloss table  -  Click to Expand

    Add row by using right click menu under the Row heading, as shown.

    In the New Row Label edit box enter label name, for example, using a preface of DD- to the original row of DF-101, the new line would be DD-DF-101 as shown below.

    The original is used for single edge pricing and the preface of DD- is used for double edge pricing.

    Price Double Edge by entering relevant pricing details in the each of the columns (pertaining to depth) as per the examples below.

    Close table and you will get a message asking you to confirm changes.


    Discount Tables

    A Discount percentage can be entered in the Discount field or the discount table for the entire folder can be viewed and edited using the Edit button.

    When editing price tables, if the Discount percentage is updated it will update the relevant row in the discount table or create one if it did not exist already.

    This is a discount that is applied to all the values in the corresponding table.

    If it does not exist or does not contain a row for the chosen table, then the discount is assumed to be zero.

    The discount table Discount.qlt can be found in a subfolder named System within any Price Table folder. It contains a row for each Price table in the parent folder with a single column "Discount" for the discount to be applied to all the values from that table.

    For example, if the price table is <your CabMaster folder>\Table\Materials\BenchtopPrice\MyBenchtopPrices.qlt then :-

    • the discount table will be <your CabMaster folder>\Table\Materials\BenchtopPrice\System\Discount.qlt
    • and will contain a row 'MyBenchtopPrice' with its discount % in the 'Discount' column.


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